Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Last Ever Lecture...

How I Heard About This: A friend of mine sent me this. Very powerful.
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Topic: Lifestyle/Philosophy

Details: There is a tradition at Carnegie Mellon University that lecturers are asked to give a hypothetical "last ever lecture". They are requested to give a talk as if it were their last, and pick the topic accordingly. Prof. Randy Pausch (23rd October 23 1960 – 25th July 2008) gives his lecture on the Oprah show in the US, what's notable is that this really will be his last lecture as he is about to die of pancreatic cancer. In his 10 minute lecture he talks about life, love, parenthood and living your childhood dreams. Very uplifting.

Here is a link to the original full length Carnegie Mellon lecture (1hr16mins) and is worth a watch if you have the time:

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