Friday, 5 March 2010

5 Languages of Love...

How I Heard About This: This evening a family friend mentioned that she has been helping at a course for teenage parents. The young couples who attend this course are apparently being taught this to help their relationships.
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Details: Apparently there are five languages of love:

* Words of Affirmation: words to boost your partner's self-image and confidence)
* Quality Time: spending time together, eg. turning off the tv and actually being togeher)
* Gifts: giving little or large gifts often, not missing birthdays etc)
* Acts of Service: doing things for your partner that takes time and creativity, eg. planning a trip or just washing up)
* Physical Touch: holding hands or even just a kiss

These are different methods of expressing love that your partner will understand to varying degrees. It is apparently important to understand this, as everyone has different ways in which they like to communicate love. By asking your partner to rate these in order of importance (to them) you can learn to better communicate your love... that's if you want to.

Apparently this matters much more after the first 2 years of marriage as the spark starts to fade, and many people are different in the way they want to "be loved". Dr. Chapman (link above) recommends that you have what he calls a "Tank Check" 3 nights a week for 3 weeks. People should ask one another "How is your love tank tonight?" If, on a scale from zero to ten, it is less than 10, then ask "What can I do to help fill it?".

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