Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cheating a Rubik's Cube...

How I Heard About This: A guy I met at a party a few weeks ago mentioned that he'd just learnt how to solve a Rubik's cube. He tried to explain it to me, but without a cube, it was usless. Today I tried to look it up...
Main Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsQIoPyfQzM
Backup Source: http://www.rubikssolver.com/
Topic: Problem Solving/Puzzles

Details: There are always going to be some days that I learn about something but realise that I don't have the time to fully learn it. Today was one of those days. I did learn how to safely "cheat" by taking apart a Rubik's cube. It's pretty simple, you rotate the top layer by 45 degrees and then pop off one of the middle cubes on that top layer (ie. one with only 2 faces showing). I've ordered a Rubik's cube from Amazon, I'll get practicing and maybe one day I'll have a blog post that says "Solve a Rubik's cube".

If you want to have a go then "Dan Brown" has a go at it in this video:

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